Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy

What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone gas is a well-known form of oxygen that contains three oxygen atoms. This form of oxygen is found in the upper atmosphere, where it blocks harmful radiations from the sun. In the hospital setting, ozone is made using medical-grade oxygen for various applications. Ozone gas and liquid have been used to disinfect medical supplies and treat different conditions for over 100 years.

Ozone Therapy
What is Ozone Therapy Used for?

Ozone therapy can help prevent infection in wounds and is used in treating arthritis and fighting viral diseases like HIV and SARS. Ozone therapy also activates the immune system and treats ischemic heart disease, macular degeneration, and cancer. According to studies, ozone stimulates the production of more protein and red blood cells when it contacts body fluids. Increased blood cells can promote circulation and oxygen supply.

What Does Ozone Therapy Treat?

Ozone therapy can inactivate bacteria, fungi, viruses, yeast, and protozoa. As such, the treatment is best used to help prevent infections. People with breathing issues can also benefit from IV ozone therapy. The treatment increases oxygen in the blood, which helps reduce stress on the lungs. Studies also show promise in preventing diabetes complications and treating autoimmune conditions.

Ozone Therapy Treatment

Boost Up Your Energy

Ozone therapy is a form of naturopathic treatment that can bolster your energy levels and reduce the symptoms of fatigue. The treatment involves drawing your blood and infusing it with ozone gas. After infusion, the ozone-rich blood is delivered back into your blood using an intravenous drip. Ozon gas can energize cells, stimulate regeneration, and improve your immune response. Increased blood supply and circulation and a stronger immune system also lead to overall high energy levels.

Request a Consultation for Ozone Therapy

At RevitaMaxx, we can use high-dose ozone therapy to address various issues, including chronic fatigue, inflammation, low energy levels, and a slow immune response. The full course of treatment involves a series of sessions in quick succession, followed by spaced intervals, to help you maintain consistently high energy levels.

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