IV Therapy

What Is IV Therapy?

Medical professionals use IV therapy for many reasons. These reasons include rehydration for patients or administering medication when patients cannot take it any other way. Other reasons for using IV therapy include pain relief, blood transfusions, and increased nutritional uptake.

Medical experts use IV therapy to deliver treatments through IV therapy in fluids containing blood, medicine, water, and nutrition. They use this method because it has several benefits over other techniques to improve health. Depending on the treatment that you need, the medical expert will deliver IV therapy using two different methods.

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The Definition of IV Therapy

IV therapy is the delivery of fluids directly into the vein to bypass the gastric system and speed up absorption.

The advantage of this method is a quicker uptake of the fluid’s contents. This method is preferable in certain circumstances when the person needs quick help. Instead of undergoing a change in the digestive system prior to absorption, which can affect its quality, IV therapy delivers the fluid directly into the bloodstream. This technique means that the fluid retains its integrity and the value of its benefits.

IV therapy benefits

The benefits of IV therapy are notable because this technique is efficient, rapid, and convenient:


IV therapy is efficient because it goes directly into the circulatory system, increasing absorption. In contrast, if fluids go through the digestive system, they undergo change due to acids that break down the components of the fluids. This process can render the fluids less valuable to the body, reducing the benefits.


Medical experts are familiar with the benefit of speed when using IV therapy. By delivering fluids directly into the vein, they help patients to recover much quicker. This therapy is especially valuable when patients need an energy boost or electrolytes to recover from dehydration.


Repeated IV bag of liquid can be administered without need for needle replacement. Besides this benefit, IV therapy is specifically useful for people on the go who don’t eat regularly, are stressed, or have been ill. A vitamin IV therapy session can supplement nutrition and enhance hydration and energy. This technique is also convenient because it is fast and can be done by a trained technician in the comfort of your home or elsewhere.

Types of IV Therapy

IV therapy uses the IV Drip or the IV Push technique. The IV Drip technique is slower than the IV Push method. The main differences between these techniques are the type of therapy and the time it takes to deliver the fluid. Vitamin IV therapy uses the push technique to support the rapid, convenient delivery of a nutritional cocktail. 

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Types of IV Therapy

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