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Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (aka: HBOT Therapy or hyperbaric chamber treatment) involves breathing pure medical-grade oxygen in a pressurized chamber. The air in our immediate atmosphere contains 21% oxygen under normal atmospheric pressure.

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What Is Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment?

Hyperbaric chambers have 100% pure oxygen delivered under higher pressure than atmospheric pressure.

The pressure inside hyperbaric chambers can be two or three times higher, allowing the lungs to take in more oxygen. Hyperbaric chamber therapy is a well-established treatment used for decompression sickness. Increased oxygen intake also has many other benefits.

Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment

Benefits of Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment

The benefits of this treatment include the following:

Increases blood flow and circulation

Studies have shown that hyperbaric chamber therapy can increase blood flow and circulation. Increased oxygen in the body promotes angiogenesis, which is the growth of new capillaries. Angiogenesis can rejuvenate organs that have been slowed by aging.

Builds and repairs blood cells

Increasing oxygen intake causes cells to produce vascular endothelial growth factors. Cells also make other substances that draw endothelial cells, which are required for healing. HBOT Therapy encourages the growth of new blood cells and repairs cells damaged by cuts, burns, and other injuries.

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Boosts collagen production

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy encourages the formation of collagen by promoting the growth of blood vessels. New blood vessels carry oxygen to the extremities, promoting the regrowth of damaged skin cells. HBOT also encourages the production of endothelial cells and growth factors that stimulate collagen production near affected tissues.

Promotes wound healing

Injuries such as cuts, burns, and bruises need oxygen for tissue regeneration and healing. However, injury often damages blood vessels, reducing oxygen supply. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment promotes the growth of new capillaries and increases the availability of pure oxygen, promoting wound healing.

Reduces pain and swelling

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can flood blood vessels, cells, and tissues with oxygen, which helps to reduce swelling. Wounds and injuries on blood vessels can cause the release of fluids that leak into the tissues. Such fluids cause inflammation and swelling, depriving the cells of oxygen. HBOT helps to reduce swelling while delivering the oxygen required for healing.

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Prevents reperfusion injury

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help prevent reperfusion injury that occurs when blood supply returns to cells that have been deprived of oxygen. HBOT delivers the much-needed oxygen, preventing the formed oxygen radicals from damaging blood vessels and other tissues. The therapy also improves endothelial function and augments coronary flow.

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